Wind Mitigation Home Improvements

Jul 06, 2012 (0) comment

Hurricane season is upon us. Have you had your Florida wind mitigation inspection yet? If you haven’t, it might be worth your while. It could save you some money on your homeowners insurance premiums.

Windstorms and hurricanes are not uncommon in Florida. Most homes are built with that in mind, but there are extra precautions you can take to ensure your home stays put during a hurricane or other type of storm. It only takes a few minor adjustments to make sure you and your family will be safe when a big storm rips through your town.

One of the precautions you can take is having hurricane straps installed into you home. Basically hurricane straps are galvanized steel strips that attach to all your roof trusses and your walls to make your roof more strongly attached to the top of your house. In the event that a windstorm comes through, your roof will be less likely to blow off your home. Also, the pitch of your roof matters in regards to how the wind will flow over your home. Having a hip roof will help as well.

Having your window glass replaced with impact resistant glass will help when the wind is howling outside. If debris is flying around out there, the impact resistant glass will keep it out there instead of crashing through into your home. You can also have shutters put onto your window frames and have all doors (garage doors included) placed with reinforced materials.

Applying some Florida wind mitigation techniques can really protect you, your family and your home from damage during wind storms. If you think your home has improvements that may not have been accounted for on your homeowners policy, you may be entitled to additional discounts. Contact your trusted Florida insurance agent today to set up a wind mitigation inspection.


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