Where would you live after a disaster?

Jan 12, 2012 (0) comment

Bay Area insurance policies for homeowners will generally include coverage for damage or loss of dwelling and possessions, for liability and for living expenses. In the event that you are forced out of home after a major disaster such as fire, having living expenses coverage may prove invaluable. 

Living expenses coverage will generally cover accommodation, meals and other standard expenses while your home is being rebuilt. It’s important to keep all receipts as your insurance provider will need to sight these with your claim. The amount you can claim for living expenses will be specified in your home insurance policy but will generally be a percentage of the total home policy value. There may also be a time limit applicable to living expenses. In the situation where you rent out a room in your house, the living expenses may cover you for the amount you would have been receiving were your home not destroyed.

To confirm the exact details of your own living expenses coverage, be sure to read your current policy thoroughly. Our Bay Area insurance agents may also answer any queries you have or offer advice on the range of options available under a home insurance policy.


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