What To Do First If Your Business Laptop Is Stolen

Apr 03, 2012 (0) comment

Property insurance may provide compensation when equipment is stolen from your small business in Florida. However the theft of computer equipment like your business laptop may also involve a claim on your Florida liability insurance should sensitive data be misused. 

Even if the laptop has been stolen by an opportunistic thief, there’s a chance it may fall into the hands of someone who may use your data for criminal purposes such as identity theft. We’ve listed some of the first steps you should take if your laptop is stolen and there is a risk that sensitive or confidential data may be compromised:

Notify your local police department.
Change passwords for bank accounts, credit cards, email accounts, social media accounts and ecommerce accounts.
Contact financial institutions such as your bank and credit card providers and take their advice as to whether you should close accounts or change the account numbers.
Ask credit monitoring organizations to place fraud alerts on your files.
Report the theft to your insurance company.
If the information belongs to a client you’ll need to consider how this might affect them and decide whether they need to be informed.

It may be especially important to seek legal advice if information that could identify business customers is stored in the stolen laptop. Although the Florida liability insurance your business carries may help with the costs of lawsuits filed by customers, you may need professional advice from a lawyer or your insurance agent when considering how you should inform customers about a potential data security breach.


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