What Can Wind Insurance in FL Do For You?

Oct 11, 2011 (0) comment

It may seem like the worst of the hurricane season is over. We went from hearing about a new hurricane every week to not hearing about anything- but don’t think it is over yet! Hurricanes arrive when we least expect them, which is why it is important to be prepared with wind insurance. FL residents are encouraged to take advantage of this policy to prevent unexpected costs due to a storm’s wrath.

Here are a few ways you can reduce high wind damage:

#1: Be sure to take in any loose items outside that could be picked up by the storm and cause damages to your home. The last thing you need is a garden tool coming through your window!

#2: Keep trees and shrubbery trimmed to reduce the risk of branches falling on your home or even car.

#3: Look into Florida wind mitigation discounts in order to keep damages low and even lower your homeowners premiums.

#4: If you know a storm is coming, reinforce your windows or board them up.

With the proper wind insurance, FL residents will feel much better knowing that any unavoidable damages will be taken care of. Don’t let the storm blow the money out of your wallet this season!

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