Unpredictable Wind

Jul 20, 2012 (0) comment

Back in the spring of 2010 when the infamous Deep Horizon oil tanker spill started gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico, calculations were done that showed the oil would reach the coast of Florida relatively quickly. It was speculated that Florida’s shoreline would be quickly covered in the black stuff, hurting sea life and birds for miles.

However, the calculations did not account for prevailing wind patterns that could upset the way the oil flowed. It’s been found that the wind is what has helped keep oil from the oil tanker spill from hitting Florida’s shores. Instead of reaching Florida’s shores, it was pushed northward to the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

While wind played a huge part in protecting Florida from being devastated by an oily mess on its shores, it wreaked havoc on the beaches of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Wind can be a very unpredictable enigma. During tornadoes, there have been streets that have total devastation on one side while the other side looks like nothing ever happened. Even with the most up to date forms of meteorology equipment available, the wind seems to have a mind of its own and can tear through towns, homes and businesses without a care in the world.

The best way to protect yourself from wind damage is to take precautionary measures. Florida wind mitigation can help keep your home safe from impending wind storms. A few roof straps, some reinforced glass, heavy shutters on the windows and having the right kind of roof can keep your home and family safe during even the strongest of winds. As a bonus, you may save a little on your homeowners insurance policy if you implement these safety precautions. Talk with your homeowners insurance agent to find out what discounts can apply today.


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