Thunderstorms and your Bay Area Insurance

Nov 08, 2011 (0) comment

With our humid subtropical climate, Florida knows a thing or two about glorious sunshine – and thunderstorms. Thunderstorms can look and sound spectacular but they also cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to homes and property every year. For those in the Bay Area, insurance will cover you only if you have the correct type and amount in place.

Standard home insurance policies will provide financial protection from a range of perils including lighting damage, fire and wind storms. You should be protected for damage to your home structure and contents up to the amount of insurance you have purchased. The lighting component of your policy will generally provide coverage for property damaged both from a direct strike and from fire that has been triggered by a lightning strike.

The cost of any home policy will be dependent on various factors including the safety features in your home. Use wind-resistant materials in your construction, install smoke alarms and surge protectors (to protect electronic equipment from power surges during electrical storms) and you may have an advantage when it comes for sourcing a value for money policy.  

Thunderstorms are just one ‘disaster’ that any homeowners’ policy will list. Your Bay area insurance agent can provide advice and information on your current policies and any that you are considering purchasing.




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