Saving on Your Florida Home Insurance!

May 31, 2012 (0) comment

As a homeowner, you might be budget conscious and wondering how you can save on that vital expenditure item on your household budget: your home insurance premiums. Speaking to an agent about possible discounts is always a good strategy, but there might be a few other ways to save on your home insurance, including installing security measures and finding out about the Florida wind mitigation program.

Security Measures
Having security measures in place could mean lower home insurance premiums. Some common security features that might have you qualifying for lower premiums include the following:

Dead-bolt locks. Dead-bolt locks might provide more security benefits than conventional locks.
Fire sprinkler systems. These are set to automatically activate in the event of a fire.
Alarms, lights, and monitoring devices. These can all deter burglars or alert you in the event of an intruder gaining access to your property.

Insurance companies might provide different discounts for different security measures. Always check with your agent for more clarification on the types of changes to your home that might attract a discount.

Wind Mitigation
Florida has a wind mitigation program that could save you money on insurance. The program mandates that discounts must be offered to buildings that have certain wind mitigation features. These features tend to allow these buildings to better withstand the effect of storms, and they might include anything from construction materials, barriers, shutters, or additional enforcement for walls.

Florida residents seeking to reduce their home insurance premiums could have several options available to them, including those under the Florida wind mitigation program. For more information, speak to an agent about your options!


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