Save Your Life with Healthy Eating & Bay Area Insurance

Sep 06, 2011 (0) comment

Yes- we all know that it’s important to eat healthy…but how important? Well- it could help save your life! If you are not eating a healthy or being mindful of what you are putting in your body, you put yourself at risk for disease and even cancer. You never know what will get you- that is why it is important to look into bay area insurance– life insurance is good to have! But honestly- it’s better to just stay healthy in the first place!

Here are a few ways to save your life before it’s too late!

#1: Eat from the ground. Not literally- that would be unsanitary! But veggies from the ground and fruit from the trees- anything natural is great to put into your body.

#2: Put it out. There is no excuse anymore- back in the day people did not realize that smoking was bad for you but now…it’s just stupid! Put it out before it takes your life.

#3: Limit the sugar. Processed foods and sugar are said to cause cancer…especially DIET. Go figure right? Fake sweeteners contain aspartame, which is linked to cancer. If you are going to have sugar, just have the regular can of Coke (but don’t overdo it!)

#4: Nix the beds. Tanning beds are killers. Seriously- you look fine with your natural skin tone! Being tan is not worth the skin cancer that will follow.

#5: Take the stairs. Not getting enough exercise is NOT a good way to stay fit. Even something so small as the stairs will help in staying active.

Your life is important- and if you do not take care of it, it is no secret that there will be consequences! Stay healthy, active and protected and you will live a long life. To protect your life, looking into bay area insurance is a good idea. At IOA Tampa Bay, we offer life insurance policies such as whole, term and whole and term combined to cater to your needs. We will work with you to find the best policy to fit your lifestyle…and you will feel better knowing that your family will be taken care of in the future. But for now, just stay healthy and happy!

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