It’s Time for Some Wind Insurance, Florida!

Aug 30, 2011 (0) comment

Boy! What a whole bunch of commotion this past week. Besides the earthquake on the East Coast, we have all been completely in tune with Hurricane Irene. At first, it seemed like the hurricane was headed straight for Florida. In the end, it was not as dead-on as we thought, but the winds and rain still damage! This is exactly why there is such thing as wind insurance. Florida homeowners are especially subjected to strong winds during hurricane season. With Hurricane Irene being the first hurricane of the season, there is no telling what else may head our way.

Here are a few ways to keep your home safe from the winds:

1.    Take loose items from your yard inside. Any loose items could be flown right into your window and pose damage threats to your home.

2.    Look into Florida wind mitigation discounts. You can save money if you have features on your home to prevent damages- such improved roof shingles, hurricane clips, strong roof decks and roof shape.

3.    Install storm shutters. These will keep your windows safe in the event of strong winds. The last thing you need is your windows to shatter!

4.    Check your roof. Any leaks could create more damage.

5.    Buy a back-up generator. It may be worth it to have the back-up electricity.

Taking care of your home during hurricane season is a one way to ensure your safety. The best we can do during these times is simply to be prepared. At IOA Tampa Bay, we want to make sure you are protected with wind insurance. Florida residents should take this season seriously- or the damages may be overwhelming. Never trust Mother Nature!

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