How’s the Weather Florida? Wind Mitigation Discounts Available!

Sep 13, 2011 (0) comment

So far this season, Florida has been pretty lucky! Having escaped the wrath of Hurricane Irene, Katia and now Lee, I’d say we are pretty lucky! And now we keep hearing about Tropical Storm Nate and Maria…I guess we can say hurricane season is in full effect now! Though we may have been lucky, that does not mean that the winds will be gentle. It may be time for some wind insurance. Florida residents can expect harsh thunderstorms and strong gusts! Are you prepared?

Here are a few ways to prepare your home for a windy season:

-Take in all loose items outside that could be picked up and blown away.

-Take in your patio furniture.

-Have wind insurance. Florida residents are going to need it this season!

-Replace weak windows- it may be a good idea to look into wind-resistant windows.

Of course, we hope that wind damages are the least of our worries this hurricane season. However, first and foremost, it is important to look into Florida wind insurance. Any damages done to your home during the next few windy months will be taken care of. Even better, we offer Florida wind mitigation discounts! So what does that mean for you? If you have improved roof shingles, roof shape, hurricane clips/straps or strong roof decks, your home insurance may be lowered! Don’t let a little wind put a dent in your wallet. It’s better to be protected now than sorry later!

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