How to Go About Purchasing Liability Insurance

Feb 22, 2012 (0) comment

Although the owners of some small businesses in Florida may choose to forgo purchasing property insurance if their business owns few assets, it’s important for a business owner to carry Florida liability insurance to cover the cost of lawsuits.  Different types of business are exposed to different liability risks, for example a retail store owner is at risk of being sued for bodily injury after a customer is involved in an accident in the store, and a business consultant risks being sued by an aggrieved client who claims to have suffered financially because of incorrect information provided by the consultant. Different liability insurance products have been designed to cater the particular risks of various business operations.

Before you hastily dismiss our suggestion about liability insurance, we suggest that you do a little research into recent legal actions in your industry and the cost of recent settlements. You should also consider talking to other small business operators in your field about their experience of liability lawsuits and liability insurance. Research and industry feedback will give you an idea how likely you are to be sued and the sort of coverage limits you might need. 

There is often a wide variation between different Florida liability insurance policies, so seeking professional help is essential to make sure your liability insurance policy meets your business’ needs. Our agents can obtain a variety of quotes, analyze and compare them, and help you to decide which policy offers you the best value.  


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