How Can I Get a Florida Wind Mitigation Discount?

Sep 26, 2011 (0) comment

This is a question that may Florida residents have. Florida is known for its hurricane season and strong winds- it’s impossible to NOT have wind insurance! Though it may seem costly, it does not have to be. Many Florida residents are eligible for Florida wind mitigation discounts. How? Let us tell you…

If you have these features on your home, you can be discounted up to 30% or more of the wind portion on your premium. These features are proven to reduce the damages that severe winds bring.

– Improved roof shingles

-Roof shape

-Strong roof decks

-Hurricane clips and straps

If your home does not already have these features, it may be time for a change. Though the changes may seem costly, they are sure to benefit you in the long run- and save you the hassle of a damaged roof! At IOA Tampa Bay, we want you to save money on your wind insurance. Florida residents already have to deal with the worst of hurricanes- it’s time to cut them some slack!

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