Helping Your Clients When Their Property Is Damaged

Jun 28, 2012 (0) comment

Having the right Florida liability insurance can be what makes an unfortunate situation go from horribly terrible to not-so-bad. If you own a business, you most likely take precautions to make sure it runs smoothly every day with no accidents. However, even though some accidents are preventable, not all are. When those unpredictable accidents happen, you may need to call on your liability insurance to help.

Say one of your clients is using your awesome new product The Super Duper Bath Tub Cleaner Upper to get her bath tub sparkling. While she’s filling the patented Soap Sipper receptacle, part of the Cleaner Upper somehow falls off and lands in the tub. The bottom of the tub ends up with a huge crack that will need to be fixed. Having it fixed is going to cost a pretty penny because the tub is made of the finest Italian marble. It turns out the Cleaner Upper had a mechanical defect when built, so your client is now looking for you to pay for the damages.

This is where the Property Damage section of your liability policy will come into play. Property Damage insurance covers damage that could occur to a third party’s property as a result of an accident involving your product. If your client got hurt as a result, the Bodily Injury section of your policy will then help.

Sometimes these types of fluke accidents happen. When they do, your Florida liability insurance has your back. Without insurance, you could be looking at a large lawsuit that could break your bank. Don’t let that happen. Keep your Super Duper Bath Tub Cleaner Uppers on the shelves and talk to your trusted Florida insurance representative about your liability coverage. Make sure you have enough to handle any type of problem that comes your way.


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