Gear Up With FL Wind Insurance Policy Before the Storm Blows You Away!

Jul 25, 2011 (0) comment

As August approaches, residents in FL may be starting to worry about the possible storms ahead. Though the hurricane season starts in June, the height of the season starts mid August to mid October. It’s time to gear up Florida! Here are a few tips that will be sure to protect you and your family from the wrath of this season’s storms.

#1: Find a “Safe Room”. This room should be away from all windows and in the center of your room. It’s best to pack up the room with things you will need (batteries, flashlights, radio, blankets, food, water, pillows etc) because you do not know how long you could be in there. Don’t leave your safe room until the storm has passed.

#2: Insurance. It may seem silly, but it’s time to look into wind insurance. Florida residents know how often storms happen, which is why it’s important to make sure you are insured! At IOA Tampa Bay we want to fill you in on Florida wind mitigation and save you money in the long run! Visit our Virtual Insurance Office for more information.

#3: Prepare your yard. Any fallen branches, toys, patio furniture, hammocks, or anything else that has the possibility of being thrown from your yard should be taken indoors. The less there is outside, the less of a chance there is that something will come flying through a window.

#4: Stock up on supplies. Make sure your house is equipped with plenty of food and bottled water. It’s best to buy food that does not have to be cooked! You should also be stocked up on batteries for radio and flashlights in case of a power outage, as well as a first aid kit.

#5: Have an evacuation route. Whether you find a friend from a different area or even a local shelter, you should know where to go in case of an evacuation. Do NOT wait until the day of an emergency to plan your route. It will only heighten your anxieties and cause more panic.

Hurricane season is not a time to panic.  It is a time to act responsibly and make sure you have covered all the bases: preparing yourself, your home and your yard, as well as looking into FL wind mitigation. Don’t wait for the storm to blow you away!

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