Florida Fun and Florida…Flooding?

Jul 15, 2011 (0) comment

Oh, sunny Florida.  Home of beautiful palm trees, clear skies, oranges, Disney World and…floods? Yes! It’s true: Florida is known for its frequent flooding.  The causes of these floods are due to the flat terrain across Florida, making it nearly impossible to drain accumulated water quickly according to Florida Disaster.  Who would have thought that the place many go to get away from rain and problems would be a flooding zone.  With high humidity in the summer months, Florida is known for its scattered thunderstorms now more than ever.  But don’t worry!  Florida flood insurance is available to make sure you don’t become a victim to a flooding disaster.

Flooding is different in every region of FL, which is why there are different plans for everyone.  High-risk areas are encouraged to purchase standard flood insurance policies.  Alternatively, living in a low to moderate risk zone may qualify you for a low-cost preferred risk policy.  However, it is recommended that no matter where you live, its better purchase Florida insurance sooner than later.  The last thing anyone needs is to lose their personal belongings to a brief flood.

If you are concerned for your personal belongings and livelihood, contact IOA Tampa Bay to learn more about our Florida insurance options today!

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