Doors, Windows and Florida Wind Insurance

Jan 25, 2012 (0) comment

Florida is no stranger to wind storms. Although a major hurricane can be devastating, it is often the case that many wind storms in our region are in the mild to moderate category. That doesn’t mean that homes are always left unaffected. Should doors or windows be shattered, broken or damaged in any other way then they may be covered by wind insurance. Florida homeowners might also consider a few added precautions to help minimize any potential impact.

To help protect doors from being pushed or ripped off hinges, consider replacing with stronger hinges (at least three) and a solid deadbolt at least an inch long. Window panes may be treated to strengthen glass or you might install storm shutters. One cost-effective option is simply to have plywood boards on hand to cover windows in the event of a major storm. Be sure to close and lock all windows and doors as storms approach and keep family members away from windows at all times. 

In an area prone to any storms, it’s of course advisable to have adequate wind insurance. Florida home policies vary in the way this risk is treated depending on your location. It’s important to ensure you are clear on the definitions and exclusions of any policy relating to your home so if you’re unsure, do ask one of our agents to assist. 


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