Do You Need To Supplement Your Liability Insurance?

Apr 17, 2012 (0) comment

How would a heavy liability claim impact on your the finances of your business?  While the Florida liability insurance portion of a business insurance policy may provide a degree of protection from the cost of lawsuits, the policy limit may leave you exposed if you have significant assets or if a high level of damages is awarded in a case against you.

Umbrella liability coverage can be used to increase the level of coverage. Umbrella coverage supplements the standard liability coverage by adding an additional layer of protection that can be used when the limits of the standard policy are reached. 

Is your business at high risk of liability related claims? Could your business activities result in serious injury or major property damage? Do you have the right types of liability insurance in place or are you missing coverage that could be important to your business? Liability coverage can be a complex area and there are several different types of coverage from media-related liability to errors and omissions coverage.

Talk to us if you think you need extra liability protection. Your insurance agent will discuss your needs, assist you to assess the level and type of coverage that is appropriate for your enterprise, and help you to find cost-effective Florida liability insurance.


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