Do You Have Adequate Florida Liability Insurance For Your Home-Based Business?

Mar 21, 2012 (0) comment

When you launch a home-based business in Florida you’re naturally conscious of costs. While you may rely on your home insurance policy to protect you from the financial consequences of some mishaps, you should consider purchasing Florida liability insurance protection for the risk of being sued.

Although the property portion of your Florida home insurance policy provides some protection for losses related to assets, you need to purchase some type of liability insurance for losses related to the cost of lawsuits filed by third parties who claim damages for harm they have suffered because of your business.

Liability insurance is necessary to protect you for legal costs when a visitor to your home-based business suffers injury. A client coming to a business meeting, a potential employee attending a job interview or a courier delivering a parcel could trip on your front steps, fall and suffer injuries.

When your home-based business sells products – whether you manufacture or craft products yourself, or import or sell products made by others – you may need product liability coverage for the risk of a customer coming to harm because of a faulty product.

You may need the protection of professional liability or errors and omissions insurance if your home-based business provides services to clients. This type of insurance provides protection when aggrieved clients claim damages for harm suffered as a result of advice you have given.

An uninsured liability claim could cost you dearly, erode business profits that you had earmarked for business development projects, or even threaten the future of your business. Talk to your insurance agent about the Florida liability insurance you need to protect your investment in your business enterprise.


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