Class is in Session in the FL Bay Area; Insurance Needed!

Aug 22, 2011 (0) comment

The moment we all wait for- school is in session! We love our kids
being home all day…everyday…but school is a great place for them too!
Parents need space to get their errands done, right? With back to school
in full effect, it is time to do all the important tasks that should
have been done months ago. This means getting your home ready for fall
and looking into your Bay area insurance
policy. Yes- though your children are gone during the day, you can
surely expect them to come home with friends once the school day is

Being in charge of your own child is already a lot of responsibility,
and now someone else’s? Between sports, fun and games- children can get
pretty rowdy. Picture it: baseball in the house…oh, there goes the
lamp, or worse- the window. Oh no! Was that your child that just cut
themselves on the broken glass? AH, nope! It was their friend. Now you
have to explain to another mother why their child is on the way to the
hospital. Sound like a nightmare yet?

This scenario goes to show why it is time to look into your Bay area insurance
and see what exactly your home insurance policy covers. A typical
policy covers: the structure of your home, personal possessions,
additional living expenses, replacement costs and liability. Yes-
liability! So that takes care of the issue with the other child.
Replacements costs are also going to come in handy for that broken
window! The beauty of home insurance is the fact that you can pick and
chooses exactly what you want. At IOA Tampa Bay, we want to
work with you to make up the perfect policy for your home.

In the meantime, it’s important to make sure you protect your child and look into safety tips for the back-to-school season! You can never be too safe.

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