Camping in Your Backyard

Jun 12, 2012 (0) comment

Summer’s here! It’s time to break out the camping gear for a backyard camp-out. Setting up a campfire, roasting weenies, telling ghost stories with flashlights under your chin…it all sounds like great fun. Before you invite the neighborhood kids and their families over to join you for the camping festivities, make sure your Florida liability insurance policy will adequately cover any accidents that could occur.

If one of your guests accidentally burns himself on a roasted marshmallow, of course you want to make sure he’s OK. Sometimes, burns can be severe enough to require an emergency room visit. Hopefully the camper will be alright, but sometimes these small injuries can lead to large medical bills. Sometimes these bills can not be paid by the injured party. Your homeowners liability coverage may need to be utilized if your guest decides to sue you for damages.

The best way to prevent this type of accident is to be safe out there while camping. Don’t let children too close to the fire pit. Make sure the fire is close enough to a water source so that it can easily be extinguished. Keep tents far enough away from the fire and keep a clear path at your campsite. When it gets dark, you don’t want anyone tripping over something you left on the ground by mistake. Make sure everyone has a working flashlight and make sure the fire is always attended. Don’t leave it burning when you go to sleep. Embers can re-catch on fire, so you want to be sure it’s completely out. Before all this, check your Florida liability insurance policy to make sure you will be covered if all your preventative measures don’t work. Once that’s done, sit back, relax with the cool night sky and have a wonderful backyard camp-out!


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