Bay Area Insurance Tips: Salvaging Sentimetal Items

Dec 14, 2011 (0) comment

It’s easy to look at the devastation after a fire or flood and dismiss personal possessions as unsalvageable, but it can pay to collect and examine items rather than discarding them immediately. In some cases, home contents can be cleaned and repaired. Your Bay Area insurance (assuming you’re covered for the event) should provide replacement value for items damaged beyond repair but saving a few of your treasured possessions can help make starting over that much easier.

Smoke, fire and water can leave items stained, rusted, moldy and with a lingering and unpleasant odor. Taking the time to thoroughly clean items can pay off and for those items that appear impossible to clean yourself, there are other options. Whether for glassware, ceramics, fabrics, artwork or even electrical items, there are professional cleaning services available. Check local listings for repairers, restorers, antique dealers and specialist cleaners. One recent development is ultrasonic cleaning, which uses heat, water and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions along with sound waves to remove dirt. This may offer hope for delicate items that have traditionally be classified as beyond repair.

Homes are made of memories and being able to retain a few sentimental belongings is going to make your new start that much easier. It’s important also to keep your Bay Area insurance policies up to date, to ensure your home is financially protected should disaster strike.


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