Bay Area Insurance Tips for Lightning

Oct 31, 2011 (0) comment

The Tampa Bay area is often called the lightning capital of the world. Lighting is a spectacular natural phenomenon, but it can also be responsible for significant property damage. For those living in the Bay area, insurance may cover you financially should lighting strikes cause damage to your home or possessions.

Most homeowners’ policies cover both damage to property caused by a direct lightning strike and any loss of items as a result of subsequent fire. Lightning also has a habit of causing power surges and this is another area where it can do some damage. Most homes these days are full of electrical and audio-visual equipment. A power surge at its strongest can destroy an electrical item such as a television, laptop or fridge, by sending a surge of power that causes it to ‘blow-out’. This is possible whenever any item is plugged in at the time of a lightning strike. It need not even be switched on. Items that survive a power surge are also at risk of an early demise, with the surge often causing them to wear faster than they otherwise would have. 

For residents in the lightning-prone Bay area, insurance can give you much-needed financial protection for any damage to your home and contents. Whenever you purchase or renew your home insurance, do check that you have adequate coverage for lightning strikes. Your agent can offer advice or information should you have any queries about your current policy. 

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