Thunderstorms and your Bay Area Insurance

Nov 08, 2011 (0) comment

With our humid subtropical climate, Florida knows a thing or two about glorious sunshine – and thunderstorms. Thunderstorms can look and sound spectacular but...

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Bay Area Insurance Tips for Lightning

Oct 31, 2011 (0) comment

The Tampa Bay area is often called the lightning capital of the world. Lighting is a spectacular natural phenomenon, but it can also be...

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Four Good Reasons to De-clutter Your Home

Oct 26, 2011 (0) comment

Your teen’s bedroom was always a total mess, the last thing you need is your house to be robbed, it will impossible to tell...

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Keep your Condo Covered with Bay Area Insurance!

Oct 17, 2011 (0) comment

The cold weather is coming and Florida is ready for the snowbirds to start making their way down south! Having a condo in the...

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What Can Wind Insurance in FL Do For You?

Oct 11, 2011 (0) comment

It may seem like the worst of the hurricane season is over. We went from hearing about a new hurricane every week to not...

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10 Tips to Save on Gas from your Bay Area Insurance Agency!

Oct 03, 2011 (0) comment

Let’s face it- gas is EXPENSIVE. Between car payments, Bay Area insurance, and maintenance costs, your car takes up a big chunk of your...

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How Can I Get a Florida Wind Mitigation Discount?

Sep 26, 2011 (0) comment

This is a question that may Florida residents have. Florida is known for its hurricane season and strong winds- it’s impossible to NOT have...

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A Green Home Deserves Bay Area Insurance

Sep 20, 2011 (0) comment

Go Green- everyone is doing it! Going green is the way to live these days, and that is great. Being environmentally aware and conscious...

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How’s the Weather Florida? Wind Mitigation Discounts Available!

Sep 13, 2011 (0) comment

So far this season, Florida has been pretty lucky! Having escaped the wrath of Hurricane Irene, Katia and now Lee, I’d say we are...

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Save Your Life with Healthy Eating & Bay Area Insurance

Sep 06, 2011 (0) comment

Yes- we all know that it’s important to eat healthy…but how important? Well- it could help save your life! If you are not eating...

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