Attention Florida Snowbirds: Say YES to Florida Condo Insurance!

Jul 20, 2011 (0) comment

All packed and ready to go…and you’re off! You get off the plane at Orlando International Airport and grab your rental car for the next 3 months.  The drive is beautiful…palm trees line the highway and the warm air blows through your hair.  This is what you wait for every year—you’re better home.  Finally reaching your summer condo, you walk in.  OH NO! Where is the high-definition television? Where’s the furniture? Where is your home?! It’s clear what has happened here: You are a victim of theft.

Whether you live in Florida year round or only a few months out of the year, Florida condo insurance should be a top priority.  You may think that only living in FL for a few months out of the year doesn’t call for such an expense.  However, not being around means nothing…your condo is still there and must be taken care of!  Having condo insurance in FL will make sure your possessions are covered as well as any damages to your condo that may happen while you are away. There are various types of policies and different levels of security.  Everyone’s situation is different, so ask yourself these questions:

•    What is the association’s responsible for insuring?
•    What am I responsible for insuring?
•    How much coverage do I need for my possessions?
•    Do I have replacement cost or actual cash value coverage for my possessions?
•    Are there policy limits for my valuables? Should I purchase more coverage for those items?
•    Do I need earthquake or flood coverage for my unit or possessions?


Still having trouble deciding on the perfect plan for you? Have no fear! At IOA Tampa BAy, we are here to help you every step of the way. Just visit our Virtual Online Office to get started off with a free quote!

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