A Green Home Deserves Bay Area Insurance

Sep 20, 2011 (0) comment

Go Green- everyone is doing it! Going green is the way to live these
days, and that is great. Being environmentally aware and conscious is
taking us one step closer to protecting our earth. So how can you join
in? For starters, with your home! Your home deserves to go green just as
much as it deserves reliable Bay Area insurance. Here are a few ways to jump on the green band wagon…

-Install CFL bulbs in every room- they save energy.

-Unplug items when they are not in use.

-Look into Energy Star appliances.

Use organic linens.

-Use cold water when doing laundry.

-Turn off the shower head when you are shampooing/shaving etc.

-Dry your clothing on a line dry outside.

-Insulate your home well during the cooler months.

These are only a few ways to get started on the road to going green.
It’s important to do our part in saving the environment. It’s also just
as important to protect our homes. At Commonwealth Insurance, our Bay Area insurance
policies will fit any type of home. With home insurance, the structure
of your home will be covered, as well as your possessions, liability and
replacement costs.  Don’t let the unexpected ruin your new green home!

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